The Art of the Photogravure Test Your Royal Wits: Crack Codes, Solve Mysteries, and Deduce which Royal Rumurs are True
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The Raucous Royals
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Author Carlyn Beccia

Carlyn Beccia, Author of The Raucous Royals by Carlyn BecciaAs a young girl, Carlyn Beccia always believed everything she was taught. When her classmate told her that Napoleon posed with his hand in his coat because of his tummy ache...she didn't doubt it. When her history teacher told her horrid tales of a uncaring queen named Marie Antoinette...she ate it up. Worst of all, she grew up believing Henry VIII married a wife with six fingers.

Today, Beccia is not nearly as naive and encourages students to separate rumors from reality. She describes The Raucous Royals as "history lesson meets tabloid magazine." Beccia explains, "we think that Hollywood stars are the only ones that are abused by untrue rumors and gossip. History's most famous royals faced the same challenges. They didn't get maligned by tabloid magazines but pamphlets, caricatures, silly rhymes and simple word of mouth caused just as much damage to their image."

Beccia lives in a royal castle north of Boston with her princely cat, princess daughter and extremely kingly husband. Her biggest wish is to go back in time and share a glass of ale with Henry VIII and his six wives. The Raucous Royals is her second book.

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