The Art of the Photogravure Test Your Royal Wits: Crack Codes, Solve Mysteries, and Deduce which Royal Rumurs are True
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Art Detectives

Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette's pugOn page 49, there is a small pug chewing on one of Marie's many shoes. When Marie left Austria as a young girl, she was forced to strip off her clothing, jewels and even give up her favorite pug. After arriving in France, she got a few more dresses, shoes, jewelry and pugs. Always a trend starter, Marie made having a pug all the vogue and soon young ladies of the court were carrying around small dogs like hand purses. Poodles were even taught to hold up the long trains of ladies' dresses so that they would not get muddy.

This little pug is being naughty because Marie's pets were often left in her room to tear up the furniture and drapes.


Marie Antoinette's big hair

Big Hair Trend

Marie Antoinette is often portrayed with mile-high hair containing feathers, ribbons and small animals. She did have some mighty pouffy hair, but contrary to how Hollywood portrays the big hair era, the wigs were always grey and never stark white. Read more about Marie Antoinette>>

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